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The McBride's - Backyard Fall Family Session

It's hard to narrow down my favorite type of session. But if you're going to make me, I think at home sessions would be up there on the list.

I feel honored to step into your space, and see what home is to you! I also find it extra special that the place you spend so much time within is documented. Even if you've moved, or the way your home looks has changed over the years, you can look back. I think people tend to feel more at ease in their own space as well.

For this fall session, I got to spend the evening running around their backyard and the field across their street. Quite literally running at times, to keep up with the youngest, Marley. Melissa told me that she grew up here, and had always wanted photos taken to document it, which meant the world to me!

As I spent the evening with Melissa and her two daughters, I couldn't help but feel a sense of nostalgia. My mom, older sister, younger sister, and I were close growing up. Seeing the sisters bicker at each other one moment, then start laughing and playing the next. Mom trying to reign them in, but laughing right along with them. It made me feel right at home. Thank you for having me over girls, it was a blast.


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