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I am Amanda

I fell in love with preserving all the little moments. 



My story starts with a hand me down camera  my dad gave me in elementary school. Soon, I was seen more with my camera than without. Whether it was exploring new places with friends or finding peace in the woods behind my childhood home. I look back on these images now and remember exactly how I felt, as well as details I thought I had forgotten. I bring the same approach to photographing for you. I want you to look back and feel it all over again. 

Your photos are pieces of your history, preserved for you to visit in the future. 

It is an honor to get a glimpse into your life.



I love to see the way you love. I want to witness your story. I am fully invested in documenting your life where it is at this very moment. Never apologize for your nerves, rambunctious little ones, or feeling a little awkward in front of the camera at first. 

My intention is to create an atmosphere where you
and those you love can unapologetically be yourselves. 

When I’m not shooting, editing, or planning my next roadtrip;



Which, let's face it... is most of the time.

I am a nature lover through and through. Hiking restores my sense of peace and adventure. I live for little get aways where I can travel and explore new places. 

I am a collector of records and plants, a regular at antique stores, and often referred to as an old soul by those close to me.

Essentially, it's time travel...




Now that I have introduced myself,

I can't wait to meet you.

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