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Taryn & Jason - Couple Session in Brown County

One of those days you want to bottle up and open later.

You'll hear me say it now and you will definitely hear me say it again.

I live for a sun-soaked golden hour. Especially when it is spent wandering down back roads listening to music and taking photos with friends.

We went in search of an old barn they loved as well as a location I had been dreaming of shooting at for months. Both happened to be within range of each other. It was just a matter of finding the barn, which they had only driven past a time or two, and making it to my place before sunset. Oh and also... my tank was almost on E (wonderful planning skills, Amanda)?

We were driving for a while, the roads turning from paved to gravel, and we started to worry about finding the barn. That line kept getting closer to E and we were also losing light by the minute.

But I thrive in moments like this. I love moments like this.

I trusted Taryn's instincts and decided we'd go down the road a bit further. We turn another corner and there it is in all it's old Indiana barn glory. We fell in love with the charm of this place. It was peaceful and quiet, mixed with a slightly creepy abandoned feeling. Perfect place for a couple shoot no?

We spent as much time there as we could, then headed for my location. This was a place I had been stopping at for months while commuting from pet sitting in Story, IN. Sunrises and sunsets there are dreamy, the light bathing the overgrown fields and wildflowers in gold. I remember sitting at this spot several months before this photo shoot and envisioning the magic that could be made here.

And that's the only way I can describe evening. Magic.

There was music, slow dancing, embraces, and cuddles in itchy tall grass. There's over 130 photos in this post because I genuinely love them all and feel every one them deserve to be seen.

That bottle I mentioned earlier, it does exist.

The images we have captured of moments in our lives, they are our bottles. We can open them and soak up those moments all over again. It's a cold and foggy January night as I'm writing this, but know I'm feeling a little warmer.

And also for the record, I did not run out of gas.


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