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Samantha & Yodir - Couple, Brown County

This was a session that was rescheduled once and almost rescheduled again due to weather. I am so glad we didn't.

I personally love rainy days. I think it makes houses look cozier, hot drinks yummier, and I find the sound of it falling to be comforting. The rain had stopped by the time of our session thankfully (my camera and lenses don't appreciate the rain as much as I do). Being in the woods that day, everything felt lush from the rain, an air of mystery even with bits of fog surrounding the trees. For this couple session, it just added to the romance.

We spent the afternoon crossing the creek and exploring trails I hadn't taken yet, stopping for photos all along the way. It was a beautiful and memorable day that I am so happy to have captured for Samantha and Yodir.


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