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Emily & Jake - A Midsummer Night's Dream

It was one of those perfectly golden summer evenings. We packed a good portion of their house into my car and headed to my favorite lil Brown County spot.

If anyone would have come upon us, what an interesting sight it would have been.

One of us balancing a record player, another with layers of mismatched blankets and a wicker chair, someone with bottles of wine, grapes, and baskets. We found what we thought was the best spot, and turned an overgrown field (read: actual swamp) into Emily & Jake's makeshift living room.

The way it feels looking back on it is like an old film roll. Shot after shot full of movement, laughter, and the sweetest moments bathed in sunlight.

Never mind that I unknowingly put us right on the edge of a swamp and we almost ruined Emily's vintage white dress...It's all part of the fun memories right? Nothing a scoot a few inches over and overlapping some blankets can't fix ;)

After going through all of the photos, Emily told me that she feels like the title to this session should be "A Midsummer Night's Dream". I couldn't agree more. Their engagement photos were exactly what my photographer dreams are made of; records, real connection, and the sweetest golden hour.


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