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Taylor & Euan - Engagement in Brown County State Park

Golden hour in late fall at Brown County State Park, photographing an old friend's engagement photos...It was as lovely as it sounds. Getting your vehicle searched by Secret Service? Not exactly part of the plan.

As we drove into the park to head to our first location, we saw a few cars stopped ahead of us. I began to wonder if some sort of event was being held and started worrying about if we would be able to get to my favorite spots. We get to the front of the line and some serious characters surround the car. They ask questions about what we are here for and where we are headed. They ask for us to pop the trunk and the hood. I was sitting in the backseat feeling grateful that I hitched a ride with Taylor & Euan at the entrance to the park. I was convinced these men would definitely have found my trunk full of photography props and beyond messy car suspicious. Later on, we found of that the Vice President (I live in his hometown) was at the park for an event.

The rest of our evening went more as I had planned. Minus the thought in the back of my mind that a secret service agent may be hiding behind a tree while I posed them. My only regret looking back on this was that I didn't sneak a photo of them while they were searching the car. That's definitely an engagement session to remember.


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