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Everett - In Home Session In Freetown, Indiana

It's always a good day hangin' at the McKinney homestead. There is a multitude of reasons why I look forward to these shoots. I am welcomed with open arms, always. Lindsey, Everett's momma, is always my hype woman and trusts my creativity. She even calls my work "Doty Magic".

The land they built their house on has been in her husband's family for generations. As we walked around to different areas for photos I felt such a sense of meaning and significance. Every "prop" they use has a story.

At home sessions in general are my favorite because I love seeing what makes a family, a family. That is the magic of photography to me. To get a glimpse of life outside your own. Then to capture it through your own eyes, and show someone what you see when you see them.

What a beautiful family you are. <3


Lindsey McKinney
Lindsey McKinney

What a honor to be photographed by such an amazing artist!

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