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Everett Turns 2 - At Home Birthday Session

Celebrating turning two for Everett starts with a wagon ride into the woods behind his house. Walking alongside him is his sweet old dog Izzy, who followed us all the way to the bridge where she would wait *disapprovingly* for us to come back. Dad helped him into his rainboots and so began the pure happiness that comes with splashing in the creek. At 26 years old, I still love splashing in the creek myself. After we were good and muddy, we made our way back to their house, where we spent the rest of our time playing with Everett's favorite toys. This once again involved getting messy of course, moving mom's nice soil with dump trucks. Izzy kept a watchful eye on us and their other sweet dog joined in the fun for some treats of course.

Every photo shoot I do, I'm trying to convey a story. This story is one of golden summer light, youth, quality time with family, and having fun doing the little things. It gives me joy that although Everett might not remember this exact day, he can look back on these photos later in life and feel like he's there.

Somewhere inside all of us, I think there is the child that just wants to splash in the creek and play.


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