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Adler - Forest Themed Nursery, In Home Newborn Session

It is a lovely feeling to walk into a home almost a stranger, and quickly feel right at home.

This was certainly the case when I visited the Cain's to capture Adler's newborn photos. Everyone was so welcoming. Their youngest boy Grayer even gave me a tour of his playroom in the basement.

We wanted to highlight the forest wallpaper in Adler's room and found ourselves rearranging, moving the crib over to open up the space. I feel like I need forest wallpaper now, it looks so good!

Soon we were piling onto the floor to start with family photos. Jessica, Adler's mom, began to soothe him and told me that he loves music. We bonded quickly over our love for 90's country and I let it play on my phone the whole session.

Grayer took an interest in my camera, as kids often do, and had a blast snapping some photos of his mom and dad. I included one of his shots in the gallery and I'm sure you will guess which one it is. ;)

The rest of his session flowed this way. Everyone seeming relaxed and calm. I love seeing people in their element, at home.

Thank You Cain family for having me over!

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Don Doty
Don Doty
Apr 09, 2021

This is a comment. It's a good comment, your site is awesome, but what if it was bad or obscene or crazy. Will this show up when I publish it? ddd👀

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