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Sydni - Columbus Senior

Because I grew up in Columbus, I think it's easy to forget just how unique our town is. Especially through the eyes of a photographer. Walking downtown, there are endless options of places to photograph.

As I've said before, I usually have a map in my head going into a session, a general direction of spots I want to shoot. Along the way, I let my eyes wander and it's something straight out of Finding Nemo I swear (Dory, I am the human equivalent of Dory). I am easily distracted (I prefer to use the word inspired...) by the way the light hits, the textures, and of course the architecture that is all around.

This senior session in downtown Columbus was no different. We went from location to location, stopping many times along the way at areas that sparked our interest, all while a dusting of snow fell. SNOW!!! What a treat that was, as snow sessions are almost impossible to plan ahead in our lovely state (we can experience all the seasons in a week).

Enjoy some highlights from Sydni's senior session.


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