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Jacqueline - Franklin Senior

I had the best time running around downtown Franklin for Jacqueline's senior photos.

We had several areas in mind, and discovered some along the way which is my favorite! For most senior sessions I have a map in my mind of the main areas we want to hit, then as we go along I'll stop us (a lot... I admit it, it's a thing) at areas I think will make interesting backdrops.

Her mom had the idea of grabbing a few photos with a wrecker in front of an auto store/museum. The owner was there and was so sweet! He let us go inside the museum and take photos, which was full of classic cars and memorabilia (including a telephone booth which may have been my favorite piece). We got lost exploring for a while and had to drag ourselves out before all of her senior photos ended up being car related.

We of course had to stop by the historic Artcraft Theatre. Jacqueline and I both grew up spending evenings there with our families watching classic movies. We ended her session at a park right at golden hour. Couldn't have asked for a sweeter family or a better day to capture her senior photos!


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