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Summertime Maternity Session - Story, IN Greenhouse

What better way to spend an afternoon than to meet a friend at one of my favorite greenhouses and take her maternity photos?

Anyone that knows me personally, knows how much I love my plants. Summertime for me means frequent trips to the greenhouse to adopt my next plant child. Ever since visiting this lovely place for birthday a few years back, I've been wanting to shoot here!

While taking her photos, Kristen talked about how tough pregnancy has been for her. Her nausea was so intense that she had to have a Zofran pump. We talked about how she felt about it showing in her photos. We decided we weren't going to try to hide it in every photo. We wanted to document this part of her pregnancy, because as beautiful as becoming a mother is, it not easy. It's not something that gets talked about enough.

Maybe one of you will see these photos and not feel so alone and can relate!

Enjoy some highlight's from Kristen's maternity session.


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