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The Wamsley's - June Wedding at Whippoorwill Hill

Ugh, the Wamsley wedding! It was the FUNNEST and also an emotional wedding day! Is it partially because the bride is family? Might have something to do with it ;) Could it also be because they brought their puppy with them and I got to take a lot of cute photos of her? Absolutely.

This was also my first time shooting at Whippoorwill Hill. I instantly fell in love. The location is beautiful and intimate. A large barn is surrounded by open fields and woods, with a historic farm home on the property as well. The staff was so inviting and helpful as well.

I think this reception might have been one of my favorites to date. We have dancing, hysteric laughing, beer coming out of noses, falls with epic recovery, and things that will never make it onto this website for the sake of the people in them. But just know, it was gold.

Enjoy some highlights from LeeDa and Justin's day!


Venue: Whippoorwill Hill in Bloomington, Indiana

Videography: Jacob Brockman, 1535 Media

Bar Services: Poured to Perfection


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